Making Dreams Come True

Started my career 5 years back in the hospitality industry and it took me no time to realize that there could be no better thing to do apart from giving your valuable service to others. It is the only way where you can make your dreams come true by helping others turn their dream into reality.

Vishal Dhingra
Founder & Creative Director

Turning a Vision into Reality

I am a big fan of turning ideas into realities. Turning paper into projects and I have been doing this for a while now. I love the process of idealisation. People have also termed me as a reality maker but I turned them by saying I am a just a source and every reality is an idea first. Looking forward to work on your ideas and turning them into something worthwhile.

Gaurav Dhingra

Marketing Manager & Creative Director

A Perfectionist on Every Detail

In the wedding industry for 24 years now and pursuing perfection since then. I believe weddings are grand and filled with dozens of ceremonies, it is humanly impossible to experience all moments as they are happening. So, we do the job for you. Let our team of experts handle everything and everyone and you be the happiest on your Biggest Day.

Dev Raj

308F Sushant Towers, Sector 56, Gurgaon


Tel: +91 8059878700


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