Celebrate Your Kids Birthdays Creatively And Within A Budget

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Planning for your kids first birthday party is a real big deal as when you look on social media you will easily be able to see pictures of extravagant first birthday bashes but can you think that what will a 1 year old kid will remember his/her first birthday?

Not much I guess and that is a reason that you resist a little to throw a big lavish birthday party for your baby of honor who might start crying seeing so much of guests and heavy decorations around and spend most of their time crying on their birthday celebration.

So we suggest that you should think small like your little one while planning for their first birthday party. And the best thing is to keep it simple, which also means less pressure so you can also enjoy the party.

Use Digital Invitations

Rather than going with the card invitations you can go with the digital invitations or can send an invite through gmail or facebook. As it takes less time because you don’t have to get your invitations printed out and then send them to your respective guests. And you can go eco friendly as well.

Avoid going for Costly Cakes

Customization in cake can cost your pocket more than expected and can easily cross your budget. It’s better to go for the normal birthday cakes and if you know how to bake you can even bake it at home.

Forgo the first Birthday Outfit

If you want to go for a new outfit for your little one on their birthday go for something on which its not mentioned birthday so that he/she can wear it out again.

Last but not the Least Pump your Budget more into the Food

As this day is a celebration more for you, your family and for your friends as you were successful and survived your first year with your little one. And can thank them for supporting you through. You don’t have to keep steaks you can go simple with the fruits and vegetables, some Chinese dishes and don’t forget to keep snacks for the little one’s.

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