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It is often the choice of the place that will launch the official start of the preparations for a wedding. Being the outstanding Luxury wedding Planning in Gurgaon, here are our tips on how to sort and where to start to choose the perfect venue of the wedding.

Wedding Style and Theme: Start by defining the wedding style you want. Rather rural, urban, elegant, traditional, depending on this, you need to direct your research to the place that will best meet your expectations. As Luxury wedding planners in Gurgaon, we can say that a hotel in the heart of the city, a rehabilitated loft, or a royal palace sets the tone of your day.

Budget of the Wedding: The crucial point if it is your budget. Set up the maximum envelope that you can spend on your wedding and the rental of your place of reception. As the experienced wedding planners, we will assist you in getting the best option according to the set budget.

Number of Guests: How many guests will you have? This figure will significantly impact your choice for a venue for your wedding because many places, receive only small receptions of a hundred people. Beyond that, you may need to look for other venues, and therefore increase your budget.

Additional Expenditure: Think about the extra costs. Is furniture like tables, buffets or chairs included in the rental? Do you have to pay extra for a caretaker, heating and other logistic arrangements? When you go looking for the perfect place, make a list of all these points, and associated costs for each, so you can compare objectively each place and make your choice with confidence.

Accessibility: Is the place easily accessible or well served by public transport? If some of your guests come from far, it may be necessary to predict what to convey them, a rented cab, taxis or a friend to come and get them to the wedding venue.

Structural Aspects: Regarding decoration, before you start shopping, do not forget to ask the manager of your venue what it is or not possible to do. It would be a shame to foresee a sky of lanterns while no hook is possible on the ceiling, or to provide an entry of the couple with floral decor, while the caterer would not have been informed. Along with the internal accessibility, if required for fire-fighters just in case.

Along with wedding venues, there are many aspects where our professional assistance comes very handy. Contact the Best Luxury Wedding Decorators In Gurgaon, visit Ecstasy Events And Weddingsand let us transform your wedding into a well-cherished event for your guests.

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